Integrated Physical, Network and Perimeter Security Framework from CyberCyte

CyberCyte is the first company providing a built-in integrated physical, network and perimeter security solution framework.  Our unified platform enables enterprises to centrally manage and control their security posture. 

  • Centralise biometric control.
  • Protect printed data.
  • Secure your datacentre.
  • Biometric tokenisation for GDPR.
  • Integrate different biometric technologies

Test our solutions to discover risks in your network without any impact or change in your infrastructure.

  • Discover, identify and block threats in minutes.
  • No impact in infrastructure.
  • Deploy in less than a day.
  • Categorise Internet traffic.
  • 100% Channel Driven.

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  • Discover threats from endpoints without agents.
  • Create an auditing platform for security infrastructure.
  • 100% accurate visualisation.
  • Multi- Tenancy support.

We design our solutions to fulfil requirements from our MSP partners. 

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