BioCyte uses Biometrics to authenticate identity and grant access to systems,
applications, networks and data with the highest levels of integrity. Going beyond
passwords and extending Zero Trust. 
Biometrics are difficult to clone, can't be forgotten
Free From Biometric Technologies

BioCyte® supports all forms of biometric technologies such as “Palm Vein Recognition", "Finger Vein Recognition”, “Face Recognition”, “Finger Print”, ”Iris Recognition”, “Retina Recognition”, etc.


All BioCyte® family products can read from and write to remote sources(Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Employee Database etc.) with using its LDAP, Web Service and Database integration interface. Therefore, the cost of setup operation decreases to the minimum value.


The communication between all BioCyte® family products, especially biometric data transfer operations, is performed through the double-layered SSL tunnel. This protocol of communication developed by CyberCyte and named as “Multi-Layered Secure Communications(Mul-Sec)

BioCyte Winlogon
  • Logon your to computer and authenticate into Microsoft® Active Directory using biometric technology.
  • Run the applications and authorised the users biometrically.
  • Connect to Virtual Private Network’s using biometric authentication.

Secure and Human Proof your Windows Logon Authentication protocol with a Biometric-Centric solution.
Something you are – in the form of a Biometric addresses the insider threat, provides proof of presence, adding convenience and efficiency. BioCyte WinLogon binds authorised user identities to their biometrics for strong authentication.
Calculating the true cost of a data breach is difficult at best, as it includes direct damage as well as collateral damage to your brand. The best way to avoid this is to lock the front door first, and this means strong authentication.
Of all the authentication methods currently available, biometrics remains one of the most secure and BioCyte WinLogon is agnostic to modality (Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Palm Vein, Iris, Renita and Facial).
Using Biometric Authentication speeds the Logon process and therefore increases productivity. Forgotten passwords and resets become a thing of the past, reducing the burden and cost factor on the IT Department. BioCyte WinLogon is highly scalable – it can be used on small networks with just a few computers, or networks that contain up to a million networked connection, scaling with Active Directory.
Integration is easy, and BioCyte WinLogon can read and write to Microsoft Active Directory/OpenLDAP, reducing the cost of set-up.
All BioCyte Products, including WinLogon work from a centralised Biometric Server – One Server. Biometric templates used for Windows Logon can then be used across other Logical and Physical Control access areas, bringing the security of Biometric Authentication to other areas of your enterprise.

  • Access corporate web sites through biometric authentication.
  • Secure authentication to corporate applications such as ERP, CRM & banking software.
  • Automatic logoff when users are away.
  • LDAP, Web Service API or database based integration.

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