The demand to secure physical and logical access is increasing. Biometric technologies are offering a new frontier for solving complex identity and access problems. The BioCyte product family enables organizations to manage both software and physical biometric authentication processes quickly and securely through a central management infrastructure.

Free From Biometric Technologies

BioCyte® family products developed by CyberCyte can be adapted to all of the biometric technologies through its unique biometric integration interfaces and support all of the technologies such as “Palm Vein Recognition”,“Finger Vein Recognition”, “Face Recognition”, “Finger Print”, ”Iris Recognition”, “Retina Recognition”, etc.


All BioCyte® family products can read from and write to remote sources(Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Employee Database etc.) with using its LDAP, Web Service and Database integration interface. Therefore, the cost of setup operation decreases to the minimum value.

Secure Communication

The communication between all BioCyte® family products, especially biometric data transfer operations, is performed through the double layered SSL tunnel. This protocol of communication developed by CyberCyte and named as “Multi Layered Secure Communitacions(Mul-Sec)” is secure against all known attacks.

Integrated HSM Support

BioCyte® Server can encrypt and store the biometric data at extremely high security level with the support of Hardware Security Module integration.


  • Logon your computer which is a member of Microsoft® Active Directory.
  • Run the applications and authorized the users biometrically.
  • Initiate Remote Desktop (RDP) Session Remotely.
  • Connect to Virtual Private Network’s using biometric authentication.

Extreme Gate

  • Palm Reader Based Biometric Control
  • Voice Notification.
  • 170 Degree Camera Angle.
  • 7’’ Touchscreen Display.
  • Smart Card Support


  • Access corporate web sites through biometric authentication.
  • Secure authentication to corporate applications such as ERP, CRM & banking software.
  • Automatic logoff when users are away.
  • LDAP, Web Service API or database based integration.

Secure Cabinet

  • Monitor all activity of cabinets for entrance, authorization, door opening / closing and errors.
  • Protection from external security vulnerabilities such as removal, alteration, short circuit and shutoff.
  • World’s fastest and safest biometric identity verification device thanks to its PalmSecure sensor.
  • control not only the cabinet doors but also all other electronic devices by utilizing 8 inputs and 8 outputs located.
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