IDCyte is an identity platform that extends Zero Trust into applications and cloud assets. Ensuring User are authenticated and granted correct privilege policies. Polices can be dynamically created based on situational and contextual information.

IDcyte includes a Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) platform that verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials rather than just asking for a username and password. IDCyte supports credentials, such as a code from the user’s smartphone, the answer to a security question, a push notification confirmation, fingerprint (BioMetric) etc. IDCyte delivers stronger authentication, and enhanced users experience without increasing complexity.
Risks of Username/Password for Identity Security
Secure Identity

Permit access to organisation resources with increased security for identity verification.

Better User Experience

Single Sign ON(SSO) and self-password reset are two major enablers for better user experience.

Full Visibility

Centralise all authentication processes in a single application providing control and faster response to threats targeting user identities and applications.

Secure Access to Cloud Apps and On-Premises Apps

Provide your users with a single sign-on (SSO) experience by letting them access enterprise cloud applications and on-premises web applications from a single dashboard.

Natively Protect All Cloud Apps

Protect popular enterprise cloud applications including Salesforce, Office 365, Amazon, Dropbox, DocuSign and more. Provide easy, secure access by integrating IDCyte’s SSO with any SAML 2.0-enabled cloud application.

IDCyte at a Glance
Easy to Use for Every User
IDCyte supports a wide variety of authentication methods making it easy for every user to log in securely with ease.
– IDCyte Push, sent by our IDCyte Mobile authentication app.
– Support for universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security tokens, hardware tokens etc.
Easy Enrolment of Users
IDCyte’s user self-enrollment method is intuitive for users to complete the process on their own.
Grant or Block Access by Network
Enforce controls based on the network from which a user is trying to access applications. IDCyte allows you to grant or deny accesses based on sets of IP address ranges that you determine.
Access Based on Geolocation
See where users are being authenticated from and dynamically assign access policy
Extend Zero Trust
Enhanced Security Posture using Zero Trust
Application Catalogue
IDCyte integrates leading web applications; new applications added daily.
IDCyte Features
– Cloud & On-Premise solution.
– Simple & Stronger User Authentication.
– Restrict Access Based on Geolocation and Work Schedule.
– Grant or Block Access by Network.
– Simple installation and deployment.
– Easy customisation.
– General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant solution!
– Support for Soft Token, Hardware Token, U2F, OATH.
– Support for Push Notification Confirm.
– Offline Operation.
– Self Service Password Reset.
– REST API support.
IDCyte Supported Platforms includes
– Windows Logon
– Microsoft RDP
– Linux/Unix Logon
– Microsoft OWA Logon
– Microsoft ActiveSync Logon
– VPN Logon
– OpenLDAP
– Microsoft Active Directory
 – Microsoft SQL Server
– Salesforce,
– Office 365
– GCloud
– Amazon
– Dropbox
– DocuSign

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