netCyte is a network access control and threat discovery platform providing total visibility and policy enforcement. netCyte creates a holistic view of IT infrastructure by enabling %100 accurate discovery and classification. Ability to automate actions based on discovered risks makes it possible to reduce attack surfaces and minimize the impact of threats.
Discover and stop security threats on the network and devices


The agentless technology provides an accurate visibility with greater scalability thanks to our Windows based platform. Any device in the network in discovered in real time. The system is managed centrally without and components on remote network segments.
Enforce organizational security policies


By supporting any technologically possible method of policy enforcement netCyte is a leader in policy enforcement. Network device configuration management, ARP redirection, 802.1X, TCP connection resetting  are the main methods for enforcement.
Control network infrastructure through automation


The core function of netCyte is automation. Security profiles can be assigned to any device accessing the network. Any job can be initiated using customizable scripting interfaces supporting batch scripts, PowerShell and SSH. 


NetCyte is an agentless, 802.1X independent solution to prevent unauthorized computer access to corporate networks.

Why netCyte is Unique?

  • Ability to discover weak passwords in any kind of device.
  • Detect port scans and password breach attempts without an agent installation or requiring an appliance on remote networks.
  • Track important audit data. Important security events like password changes, account lockouts, event log deletion and group membership changes can be discovered.
  • Advanced process analysis for discovering traffic flow.
  • Discover hubs/stacked devices in the infrastructure.
  • In-Depth inventory and threat discovery without an agent detailed than any of its competitor.
  • Ability to integrate with any network device supporting remote connection without any dependency.
  • Unprecedented scalability & different methods for discovery and blocking.
  • Easy discovery without depending on network devices or traffic sniffing.

Competitive Differences

  • NetCyte can do advanced threat analytics without needing an agent and/or appliance on remote networks.
  • As the number of remote computers increase the agentless operation mode creates false alarms in competitor products.
  • NetCyte can detect port scans and password breach attempts without an agent installation or requiring an appliance on remote networks.
  • NetCyte can track important audit data without an agent.
  • Implementation cycle is significantly lower.
  • Customizable scripting interface for executing commands on network devices enables organizations to manage possible issues related to command execution much more effectively.

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